Emmanuel Goldstein

Sep 06

You Have The Right To Record The Police

Sep 05


Tea Partiers, "Sons of Bitches," according to Hoffa at Obama Rally. -


Jan 04

Obamacare Ends Construction of Doctor-Owned Hospitals -


Apr 23


Don’t call it a comeback.


Don’t call it a comeback.

Feb 01

No Element of Society Too Trivial for the Feds to Regulate -

another step on the road to serfdom.

Jan 30

Eric Holder's Tragic Prison -

"The philosopher Eric Hoffer once wrote that "the plight of the Negro in America is that he is a Negro first and only secondly an individual."  When Attorney General Eric Holder recently called us a "nation of cowards" he was looking through a prism unknown to his Nigerian brothers.  Holder, like Mr. Obama, is the product of an education system and a movement for black liberation that is blind to the virtues of individualism.  These men and women are coddled products of an inexhaustible grievance industry that has the unfortunate effect of trapping eager and aspiring young black kids into severely" limited life choices.  Simply put, by saturating their worldview with color, men like Holder and Obama end up closing doors rather than opening them.

Conversion: a beautiful thing -

"I finally saw that there is a tipping point in the amount of taxes you have to pay to support the federal, state and local governments after which you have lost ability to support yourself and your family, to create and grow your business as an entrepreneur, and the right to use your own money for yourself and the causes YOU want supported, which often are causes that never would be supported by government.

That was the moment I accepted fiscal conservatism as my personal lord and savior.”

Jan 29

Ridicule is Obama's [Gold] Kryptonite -

Which is one thing that GWB didn’t seem to mind.

Jan 11